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Leap of Faith: Sales Career Pays Off for Farrior Chuck Farrior

When he was first looking for a new career after losing his job in commercial banking, Chuck Farrior didn't have a lot of luck. "Everything I was finding would have required me to move away from my hometown, and I didn't want to do that."

Luckily, Farrior's own Woodmen of the World Representative had an idea. "He referred me to my current Area Manager, Jack Yates, and the rest is history."

A short time later, Farrior completed his training and became a Representative himself. And then a few years later, he moved up to the position of Market Representative so he could start recruiting individuals for careers with Woodmen of the World.

"I had been a member for 11 years when I first met with Jack, and I was familiar with the people I was doing business with," he said. "But I can't say I was familiar with the actual career of being a Representative."

Farrior admits he had some concerns when he was first considering the idea of becoming a Representative.

Chuck Farrior "For me, the biggest concern was living solely off commission," he said. "I had never done that, but thankfully, Woodmen of the World had a structure in place to help new Representatives."

That structure is formally known as the Business Development Agreement (BDA) for newly contracted Representatives. The BDA helps individuals who qualify transition to commissions.

"I have to say," Farrior added, "the BDA helped soften the blow of going to a straight commission-based income while I was building my client base."

Another concern Farrior had, and one he often hears from recruits, is a fear of sales. "Unfortunately, many people think sales is only cold calls, but that's not true," he said. "I remind everyone that they have constant interactions with people, and they should always start with people in their life who want to see them succeed. Fear should not stop anyone from talking to people they know. And as long as you're doing the right thing for our members, good things will happen for you."

Ultimately, the many benefits of being a Representative outweighed Farrior's initial concerns. "The numerous opportunities this career offered were a big selling point for me," he said. "The opportunity to help people, the opportunity to prove my own worth instead of someone else determining it for me, the opportunity to determine my income based on how hard I work, and the opportunity to determine my own schedule attracted me to this career."

Having a flexible schedule is important to Farrior because of his active involvement in his community. In addition to activities with Chapter 923 in Wallace, NC, he is a volunteer Fire Chief and Chairman for his county's Board of Education. "I do a lot of community service, so my work needs to be flexible," he says. "All of these responsibilities work very well together because I can schedule them around one another."

After almost four years with Woodmen of the World, Farrior knows he made the right career choice. "This has been one of the best decisions of my life," he said. "If someone is looking for a career where they can help people and work for a company with a solid reputation, this may be the right choice for them, too."

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Get a Reward
As a Woodmen of the World member, you may know someone who would make a great Representative. If you take the time to refer that person to your State Service Center, and that person completes Woodmen of the World's training program, we'll show you our appreciation by paying you a $200 Recommender Bonus.

How it Works
Once the person you recommend has an approved contract and completes the training program, you will receive $200.* Recommend a second person who qualifies, and you will receive $300. For a third, you will receive $400, and for a fourth, you will receive $500. That's up to $1,400 that you can earn annually!

What We're Looking For
First and foremost, a Woodmen of the World Representative cares about protecting families and improving the lives of others. In addition to compassion, we're looking for people who have good people skills and are:

  • Good listeners
  • Competitive
  • Organized
  • Trustworthy

Contact Us
So if you have someone you think would be a great addition to the Woodmen of the World team as a Representative, contact your Representative or your State Service Center today.

*The person making the recommendation must be a member in good standing in order to receive the Recommender Bonus.

A career as a Woodmen of the World Representative offers:

  • Unlimited income potential
  • Great benefits, including health insurance and 401(k)1
  • Independence, with the support of a team
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Incentives like expense-paid trips and bonuses based on performance
  • Comprehensive training and advancement opportunities
  • Community involvement

To learn more, visit

1. For those who qualify