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Stability for Employees Helps Small Business ThriveJoanne and Harry Wilber in car

North Georgia Converting in Clarkesville, GA, is one of the few competitors left nationwide in the geotextile fabrics industry. The materials created by this 50-employee operation provide stability as golf courses, highways and other outdoor structures expand and contract with the weather.

Representative Todd Fricks was visiting the company during one of his regular quarterly reviews when he mentioned the opportunity to make life insurance available in addition to the IRAs already offered for North Georgia Converting employees.

One of the keys to maintaining any company's hold in the marketplace is retaining good employees, and adding life insurance seemed like a natural way to help with that goal. "It's always good when you can offer benefits," said President Vernon Mintz. "Many of our employees are younger, andgiving them the opportunity to sit down and discuss life insurance helps them realize the need for it. It's also more affordable and more convenient than shopping individually for life insurance."

Joanne and Harry Wilber in carBecause of the relationship they already had with Fricks, "we knew it would be a good fit," said Brandy Lovvorn, a manager at the company, and Mintz's niece. "Woodmen of the World is such a reliable company. We don't have to worry about them going out of business. We also really liked the ease of signing up."

After Woodmen@Work – Woodmen of the World's program to help small businesses make voluntary benefits available to employees – was rolled out last year, Fricks asked Mintz if he would be interested in making life insurance available to his employees. Mintz immediately said yes. "It doesn't cost the employer anything, and it gives them something else to make available," Fricks said.

North Georgia Converting has three work shifts, and Fricks knew they had very little time to gather for a formal meeting. Instead, he provided a meal for each shift and answered any questions the employees had. So far, 13 employees have purchased life insurance, and more plan to once full-time work picks up.

Fricks made it easy for the company. He completed all the paperwork, and set up payroll deduction. The workers can rest assured knowing they can help care for their families. So in a small town of fewer than 2,000, Mintz and Lovvorn feel confident the benefits they can make available to employees, who are like family to them, can also help North Georgia Converting compete with bigger companies.


According to Forbes magazine, there are nearly 28 million small businesses in the United States. With employee bases of less than 500, providing benefits can be difficult and costly. Woodmen@Work is a voluntary program that gives business owners a viable way to attract and keep quality employees.

As employers consider their benefit strategies, nearly half expect voluntary benefits to become more important than ever over the next five years.1 Employees want these benefits, and life insurance is a priority.2 Half of U.S. households (58 million) said they needed more life insurance coverage,3 and a recent study shows that 54 percent of employees would prefer a greater variety of benefits to choose from, while 61 percent say that benefits tailored to their needs would make them more loyal.4 In addition, employees – especially from Generations X and Y – are willing to pay for benefits that provide value.5

Not all products are available in all states. Contact your local Representative today for more information. At that time you can discuss the costs, benefits and details of coverage, including any reductions, exclusions and limitations that may apply.
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If you own a small business, contact your Woodmen of the World Representative today to learn more about how Woodmen@Work can help you while helping your employees.

Benefits to Employees

  • Payroll deduction for individual insurance or annuity products.
  • Individual ownership – if employees leave, coverage continues if they pay the premiums.
  • Desired benefits.
  • Convenience.
  • Easy payment.

Benefits to Employers

  • Little or no cost to business.
  • Employees pay premium.
  • Attract and keep top talent.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Employee participation is optional and employees make the payments.
  • Employees plan their own futures; no extra time is required for plan administration.
  • Increased employee loyalty.